Independent Valuation


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Our valuation reports provide the true market value of a property at the time of inspection, following the guidance set by the RICS Global Standards.

There are many different types of valuations, for example...

  • Capital Gains tax
  • Help to buy
  • Inheritance tax valuation
  • Matrimonial valuation
  • Probate valuation
  • Shared ownership valuation

OpenHouse Surveyors offers a variety of valuation reports, no matter what type of instruction you may require we will be able to assist.

  • Capital Gains Tax

    CGT is paid on the capital appreciation of an asset that is sold.

    A valuation can also be obtained in the event of depreciation against the asset. Both can be used for yearly tax returns

  • Help To Buy

    When selling a property initially purchased using the government's help to buy scheme or redeeming the loan in part or full we are more than familiar with providing valuations for these purposes and have a layout that specifically meets the requirements of those who request the report.

  • Inheritance Tax Valuation

    Necessary when those who have deceased leave assets to beneficiaries

    A valuation provided by us that helps assess the value of a property, properties/estate which then allows accountants to determine the tax liability on the proceeds

  • Matrimonial Valuation

    Independent valuations are used when undergoing divorce proceedings. This can be done for each individual or via a joint appointment. This is an objective and professional provision of the valuation service with a report stating the value of the asset/assets.

  • Probate Valuation

    When someone passes a probate valuation is one of the initial steps in the probate process. This is instructed by the appointed executor who carries out the desires of the deceased person as legally instructed

    The valuation is carried out in line with HMRC requirements and is retrospective to the date of death. Our surveyors are not only professional but empathetic during what is not always an easy process and provide assistance at each step required.

  • Shared Ownership

    When looking to staircase or sell a shared ownership property you are often instructed to obtain a valuation from RICS professionals to determine value. The report is prepared in accordance with your Housing Associations requirements.

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